Light Aviation article June 2020

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Light Aviation article June 2020

Post by dmcnicholl » Tue Jun 02, 2020 9:05 am

This forum has been very quiet of late so I was pleased to see the piece in the latest edition of Light Aviation on Peter Watson's CX-4, though perhaps Peter might be a little miffed that it was an American example that made the front cover.

I've liked the look of the Thatcher for a long time, though based purely on the pictures I kind of agree with the view expressed that the main gear needs to be somewhat taller.
Donald McNicholl

Ian Melville
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Re: Light Aviation article June 2020

Post by Ian Melville » Sun Jun 07, 2020 12:32 pm

It was a nice article, that was long overdue. I doubt Peter will be 'miffed', the article did explain that they did try.

I am stightly suprised in FDs comment that the ailerons remain effective into the stall. That has not been the experiance reported of may of the US built CX4s. There is lots of talk of 'mods' to improve this trait. Nore does it tally with a verbal conversation with FD I had in November last year, where he left me with the impression that aileron authority was poor at the stall (Note: my hearing is not good and I may have misunerstood FD). The CX4, as designed, is not near the stall in the three point attitude. Hence needing to 'tail-low wheel it on' that FD discussed. There is an excess of engery to disipate once on the ground, leading to long landing runs. Longer main gear and reducing the tail wheel height will help, but only if the ailerons are still effective at the stall. There is also a speed-brake mod available from Dave Thatcher.

My project was put on hold because of this particular aircraft. I would restart it, but stupidly went and brought a second project :roll: Both now delayed because of full-on paid work. That's life. :lol:
Ian Melville

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