Resources for instructors and coaches

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Resources for instructors and coaches

Post by Cookie » Sun May 15, 2016 6:49 pm

In response to several requests from members, I have included below a list of resources which LAA coaches, independent CRIs, and flying schools, may find useful.


Find your nearest LAA coach
Google Map of LAA coaches with contact details embedded

Which aircraft can each coach instruct in?
We place aircraft into categories and authorise coaches to instruct on specific categories
Coach Details including categories - List of aircraft categories

Learning to fly in LAA aircraft
Can I learn to fly in my LAA aircraft? Can I do my IMC rating in my LAA aircraft?
Technical Leaflet 2.09

Flying abroad in LAA aircraft
Can I fly LAA aircraft abroad?
Technical Leaflet 2.08

One Hour with an Instructor Guidance
Coaching Scheme Leaflet 3.2

Information and guidance for pilots who are due for their one hour with an instructor for class rating revalidation
LAA Pilot Refresher - Apple iBookstore, Google Books

Transition to EASA
Coaching Scheme Leaflet 3.12

PCS Files and Forms
Files and Forms for download

Student Record
Download a sample Student Record

Coaching Articles in Light Aviation
Pilot Coaching articles available for download


Information about the NPPL
NPPL Website - Information, syllabus, examiner report forms, application forms, and NPPL cross-crediting document.

EASA FI without CPL Theoretical Knowledge
Can an instructor who holds a EASA Flight Instructor (FI) certificate without CPL TK conduct training towards the NPPL?
Letter confirming policy for EASA FI without CPL TK instructing towards the NPPL


LAA Wings website
LAA Wings leaflet
LAA Wings Poster
LAA Wings Application Form


Find your nearest LAA Strut


GASCo Performance Calculator
Created by Jon Cooke for GASCo
iPad and iPad mini , Performance mini for iPhone , Android

GASCo Flight Safety Magazine
GASCo Flight Safety Extra
GASCo Safety Evenings


CAP 413 - Radio Telephony Manual
CAP 804
FCL Forms
Flight Examiners Handbook and Standards Documents


AAIB Monthly Reports
AAIB Investigation Reports

I hope you find this list of links to information useful.

Kind regards,

Jon Cooke
Pilot Coaching Scheme Chairman

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