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East Midlands LAA Strut - April 2020 Meeting

Posted: Thu Apr 09, 2020 4:42 pm
As we can't meet physically, I propose to set up a virtual Strut meeting using Zoom as a way of keeping things going. I will send out a link by email that you should be able to join via a normal web browser (anyone reading this who does not get my monthly meeting invites, please contact me at

I was intending to move this coming Monday's Strut meeting to the following Monday (20th) April as it is the Easter Bank Holiday but as we are all locked down and won't be going anywhere, I'd like to give Zoom a trial run this Monday (13th) and see how it works. It will just be an informal session but I'll give an update on my Menestrel project. The free version of Zoom apparently has an official limit of 40 mins per session, but other Struts have tried it and said they didn't have issues running it for longer so we can give it a go. Assuming it all works OK, I have had an offer from Dodge Bailey who flew the Shuttleworth Collection DH88 Comet to give us a talk in a virtual meeting, probably in May.

I hope everyone is keeping well in this strange and unsettling time.


Re: East Midlands LAA Strut - April 2020 Meeting

Posted: Fri Apr 10, 2020 3:02 pm
I've had a trial run with Zoom and it works very well. I've sent the invite out by email for this Monday's Strut meeting which we can use to road test Zoom as a group, and I'll give an update on the Menestrel project. If you are not on the email circ list, please message me with your email address and I'll add you.

Tony Razzell