Wood Constructed SSDR's

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Post by Brian Hope » Tue Jul 26, 2011 3:13 pm

Whatever the weight limit there will be those who claim it isn't enough to build a safe aircraft. At some minimum weight that will eventually hold true, but with many sub 115kg aircraft already flying, safely, clearly that minimum is below 115kg.
What a limit does do is challenge technology to come up with fresh thinking, new applications and new materials.
If I have any complaint at all about the SSDR regs it is that they used a wing area rule to ensure low stall speeds, rather than aerodynamics. But we have what we have and therefore have to use skill and ingenuity to produce good quality, safe aircraft rather than glue on another lump of 4 x 2.
Incidentally, the plans for Pop's Props all wood Cloudster are available again after several years of unavailability. See http://simplexaero.com/ Fits neatly into SSDR and takes us right back to the original question of this thread - all wood SSDR's.

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