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Rans S6ES trim

Posted: Sun Oct 16, 2011 12:15 pm
by andre' ciantar
Hi all , I need information on the Trim cable route For my S-6ES .

The instructions in the build manual say’s “ make a hole in the skin of the fuselage immediately below the right stabilizer a few inches aft of the leading edge. ” the cable exits this hole runs on the under surface of the stabilizer to the trim clamp/ bracket, with a tube clamp to support the cable at the leading edge of the elevator. ( Not a great deal of support provided for the cable , this could flap about / look untidy.)

However ; the instructions that comes with the trim kit say’s “ The cable passes through the inside of both the elevator & horizontal stabilizer , through a 5/16” hole that needs to be drilled through the stabilizer trailing edge & elevator leading edge.”

My questions are .

1) will these holes weaken the structure?.
2) As the elevator moves up & down it will bend the cable where it passes through the holes, the inner cable will not flex as it is solid wire . will this damage the cable ?
3) Has anyone else have this set up & does it work ok?