US Velocity self build kit.

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US Velocity self build kit.

Post by preaddy » Tue Sep 24, 2013 2:16 pm

Dear sir,

I am new to the LAA but have lifetime interest in building and flying. I have spent the last 18 months researching which light aircraft kit I would like to commence as a project in my retirement. I find that I am continually being drawn towards the US Velocity design. A craft that really does appeal to me for a number of reasons. I do though grasp that this may be difficult in the UK as your documentation TL1.07 issue 7v1/1/2008 states that you may only oversee a project or new design to the UK provided the CAA have agreed up to a gross weight limit of 1136kg. The velocity, by my calculations, comes in around 1,315 kg. Thus downhearted I turn my attention to the RV range of kit planes and the RV 10 as a four seated craft with some space is important. I note on the VANUK website that there are 8 RV10s with LAA or PFA serial listings. My assessment of the Van RV10 specifications shows the gross weight is 1224Kg which is above that stated in TL1.07, how can that be, or have I made a miscalculation or interpretation?
I therefore ask is it possible to build a velocity kit aircraft in the UK? Please can you guide me and can I build a Van RV10 with a weight limit above that stated in TL1.07

Many thanks

Peter Reading :?

Ian Melville
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Re: US Velocity self build kit.

Post by Ian Melville » Wed Sep 25, 2013 6:59 am

Hi Peter,
Welcome to the LAA
Starting with the RV10. You can under the LAA build and fly a RV10 providing the Max Gross Weight is less than 1225Kg(other rules may apply :D ). Check this websites data files for the RV10 TADS.

It is possible that TL1.07 should be reviewed in the light of developments in the last few years. Four seat aircraft are a recent development and not covered by this document. The Velocity like the RV10 is a four seat aircraft and will be judged against CS-23 rather than CS-VLA like the majority of the LAA homebuild fleet. CS-23 is a tougher nut to crack and I would suspect you will need a lot of help from Velocity to get one on the LAA permit. In the first instance you should call Engineering for a chat. You never know, someone else may have started down that road. You are aware that there is an imported velocity on the UK register with an EASA permit at 1215Kg?

Good luck
Ian Melville

Nigel Hitchman
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Re: US Velocity self build kit.

Post by Nigel Hitchman » Mon Dec 02, 2013 7:41 pm

The Velocity on the UK register doesn't have an EASA permit (or any other permit) I would suggest though that talking to the owner might be a good idea, see g-info ... gmark=VELO

This aircraft was airworthy in the UK on the American register N173RG for several years from approx. 2003 to 2007, there are quite a few pictures of it on the internet, but I havent found any since then. Not sure how it was operated on the American register for all that time as the FAA don't usually allow that, nor do European authorities, but I think for US citizens living temporarily abroad such as on military deployments there may be a way around this as there are several other experimental aircraft on the N reg in Europe.
There have been several Cozys built under the LAA system, but I don't think any 4 seaters.
You could also ask LAA engineering directly.

Although the Velocity has good performance and perhaps meets your criteria, I wonder how practical it really is with the abundance of grass airfield, some not very smooth and also lots of short runways. The RV10 is perhaps more robust for operating from grass airfields in the UK.

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