Rans S6 washout setting

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Paul Linford
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Rans S6 washout setting

Post by Paul Linford » Wed Apr 11, 2018 6:59 pm

In my Rans S6 ES build manual it says to use a 4mm spacer to set the wing washout. This equates to about 0.2 degrees. I have increased the washout to 2 degrees (4cm) at both sides and found the stall characteristics to be much better. I looked in to this after reading about the high number of stall/spin accidents involving the S6 range. Does anyone know why such a small amount of washout is used when all other light GA, and fixed wing microlights have between 2 and 4 degrees?
Paul Linford

Tom Sheppard
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Re: Rans S6 washout setting

Post by Tom Sheppard » Thu Oct 17, 2019 8:34 pm

They don't. A MiniMax, for example has zero washout and zero wash in and it isn't the only one. Given that it has a thick wing with a benign stall, it doesn't need it.
The S6 doesn't like to be flown out of balance and the lighter ones on the ES wing float if landed too fast.
Both of those traits suggest to me that using your feet and knowing your aircraft's speed preferences are key to using one safely. They do not like to be picked up on the aileron, I am told on good authority and may well bite if they are. That said, a bit of washout wouldn't do a lot of harm to delay the stall a bit.
The LAA was investigating the S6 but I didn't see any conclusions. Is that still work in progress or were there any recommendations made?

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Re: Rans S6 washout setting

Post by mikehallam » Sat Oct 19, 2019 9:22 am

Now you have cofused me as wash out afik means lengthening the rear strut a small amount and unless you have a screw adjustable version it has to be done duing the build ?
So is there another way with a spacer, if so where ?
All l can do is the flap droop to chnge stall versus reflex.
Rans S6-116 wing.

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