LAA Rally 2017 - Thursday arrival

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LAA Rally 2017 - Thursday arrival

Post by Seanjd » Sun Jun 25, 2017 10:28 am

Was going to join the LAA Northern fly in to the rally, but this has been cancelled due to a lack of responses :(

So I have the week off, landing slot booked for the Thursday afternoon, and if weather allows, I plan to get some more hours logged and some more airfields in the log book before arriving at Sywell :)

If anyone else has similar plans and want to meet up en-route, let me know here.

I'm based at Blackpool and will be cruising low (v2000ft) and slow (75Kts) :)
Sean Donno

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Re: LAA Rally 2017 - Thursday arrival

Post by RichardMaxted » Tue Jul 04, 2017 10:31 pm

For those that were planning to attend the Northern Rally trip this year - and anyone else. Please do feel free to call into Sherburn on your way to the Rally. You will be made most welcome and we will be quite happy to help with camping / hotels / etc if you want to make it an over-nighter.

Landing fee will be waived for a sensible effort at fuel uplift ( not everyone can manage 50 litres !)

Just contact the flight desk on 01977 682674 if you want to stay over

Richard Maxted
Events Director
Sherburn Aero Club
Richard Maxted

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