VP-X Pro and Night IFR certification

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VP-X Pro and Night IFR certification

Post by bpolwin » Wed Jan 13, 2021 11:46 pm

Reaching the business end of my RV-7 project I'm putting some serious thought into the panel. I am looking for advice and information on the use of VP-X Pro for Night IFR. TL 2.28 briefly mentions Vertical Power but doesn't answer the question.

I guess what I need to know is if the 2 independant processors and power sources prodcued by the VP-X Pro are actually considered as independant power sources by the LAA when looking at the single point of failure principle for a full glass cockpit?

I had also initially planned dual alternators with the back up running a small conventionally powered essential services bus bar which could be switched over to in the event of failure but I am starting to think this might be over doing it? If I can get away with 1 alternator I will.

I'm comfortable with knowing what I can and can't operate with in the event of various failures and weighing up my own risks, what I really need help with is hitting the MINIMUM LAA night IFR requirement with respect to Vertical Power then I can go up from there! Help and advice would be most appreciated!


Ben Polwin
RV-7 - Finishing Kit

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