Liberty XL2 IOF-240 Engineer

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Liberty XL2 IOF-240 Engineer

Post by » Mon Jul 08, 2019 8:54 am

I have recently taken ownership of a Liberty XL2 powered by a Teledyne Continental IOF-240-b. I made an initial uneventful 50 minute general handling flight out of Old Sarum (EGLS) but the following day the EBAT FL annunciator remained illuminated after engine start. Furthermore, during the run up check switching off FADEC A caused the engine to quit indicating that there is a real fault in the SPSC. I have since replaced the emergency battery with a like type, fully charged Camdenboss BEG120120 but this has not resolved the problem. More worrying is that on the initial engine start after the battery replacement the EBAT FL annunciator remained extinguished but the engine still quit when FADEC A was switched off. I am seeking professional qualified help to get this problem sorted.
Alastair Christie

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Chris Martyr
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Re: Liberty XL2 IOF-240 Engineer

Post by Chris Martyr » Mon Jul 08, 2019 8:39 pm wrote: I am seeking professional qualified help to get this problem sorted.
Alastair , I'm a bit mystified . Is this U.S. version of a Europa on the LAA register as an aircraft approved by them to operate on an LAA administered PtF ? If it is , then you really need to be liaising with an LAA Inspector .

Does "EBAT - FL" refer to field current not being produced from your alternator ? If that's the case , then it may just be a case of toggling the 'Alt' switch or the respective circuit breaker[s] to bring it on line.
You are obviously an LAA member , but is your aircraft on an 'N' reg ?

Sounds like an interesting problem , but you may not necessarily be in the right place to solve it .

Matt Dovey
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Re: Liberty XL2 IOF-240 Engineer

Post by Matt Dovey » Sun Jul 14, 2019 5:41 am

As far as I am aware the Liberty is a certified C of A aircraft. It bears a resemblance to a Europa.
Pete I suggest you contact your nearest aircraft maintenance company or licensed aircraft engineer. If it is on the N reg. suggest you find an A&P mechanic. Neither should be to hard to find.
If I wasn't so busy I would be able to help. As I'm a licensed aircraft engineer and A&P.

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