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gps overlay

Post by ROB. THOMASSON » Mon Nov 11, 2019 10:13 am

Many years ago there was a bit of software you could add to the Etrex and similar GPSs to add the ATZs etc to the map. Someone supplied it free as I recall. Now is this still around, can it go on the colour basemap and if so can someone give me the link? My old Etrex is getting iffy and I've just picked up a colour one with all the maps for £65 and it would be the icing on the cake to add the airfield info.

Ian Melville
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Re: gps overlay

Post by Ian Melville » Mon Nov 11, 2019 8:37 pm

I used to use Garmins MapSource to add content. I still have an eTrex Summit (b/w version) kicking around somewhere.
Gut feeling there was also a third party application, but I cannot find it in the stash of applications.
Ian Melville

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