VW Full Flow Oil Filtration

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VW Full Flow Oil Filtration

Post by Designmech » Tue Nov 19, 2019 9:19 pm

I'm rebuilding a Great Plains VW 2180cc engine and I would prefer to install a full flow oil filtration system. The crankcase has has already been prepared by the previous owner (tapped/plugged etc), so it's a case of installing a full flow oil pump , or blanking the current outlet, as per the well known modification.
The problem of packaging the filter and hoses will have to be addressed once the engine is reinstalled.
I'm interested to hear whether anyone has installed the system. Any recommendations etc?
Many thanks.
Jeff Mason

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Chris Martyr
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Re: VW Full Flow Oil Filtration

Post by Chris Martyr » Sat Dec 21, 2019 5:29 pm

Please excuse the delay in reply . Your engine is probably fully up and running now , but as a VW 1834cc builder/pilot , I couldn't resist my 2p's worth .

I couldn't quite make out what you meant was "tapped/plugged by the previous owner" , and also don't think I'm conversant with the mod. for "blanking the outlet" . I'm not querying anything you say for a second though , as my 1834cc could well be different from your arrangement .
My aeroplane has the standard VW oil pump , which appears more than adequate for its needs .
Where the oil-cooler was mounted on top of the crankcase , now sits an adaptor [ p/n AC1159203 ] , from which 2 x braided hoses go down to the oil filter housing .
The oil filter housing [p/n AC1159204] is mounted adjacent to the lower firewall and is fitted with a K&N oil filter , p/n HP-1002 . It all works amazingly well and requires no further oil cooling .
The part numbers quoted are from ; www.vwheritage.com
Excellent suppliers to the aviation industry. :D

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