Rollason Condor tips

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Alan George
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Rollason Condor tips

Post by Alan George » Mon Dec 23, 2019 9:18 am

Hello All,

Good to see this Forum back up and running.

Recently I have become involved in the maintenance of a Rollason (Druine) Condor so am looking for information.

The joint between the wings and fuselage, aft of the leading edge aluminium fairing, is covered by some plastic trim that is looking very second hand so we want to replace it. What are people using here?

The screws on the canopy are corroded so we want to replace them with stainless ones. They are a random mixture of pan head screws and countersink screws with cup washers. I see in the Rollason parts manual they used pan heads on the fixed parts of the canopy and countersinks with cup washers on the opening hatches. What are people using here?

Thanks for any help & best wishes for the New Year, Alan.

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