Power source for strobe?

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Power source for strobe?

Post by LSHAvenger18 » Fri Apr 24, 2020 11:34 am


I have a 12v strobe that appears completely self-contained.
It was installed by a previous owner, just two wires are dangling down from it.

I have an electrical source; battery and generator.
Jodel D112 with MDL starter modification and wiring diagram.

Where is the best take-off for a power source to strobe please?
A direct from battery source is unnecessary & undesirable.
There are spare terminals on the back of the (key operated) start switch - could strobe affect mags etc??
There is a power source already built in, but is supplies the radio - I do not think strobes & radio would be good off the same source?

Am just looking for a safe & sensible place to take 12v power from and, through a switch and fuse / cb, supply the strobe.

Many thanks,

Simon Heighway

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