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Sean McDonald
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Mod Approval

Post by Sean McDonald » Wed May 18, 2022 5:27 pm

I've submitted a strobes mod for my aircraft. Initially it just listed the application thus AVEO POWERBURST NAV/STROBE LIGHTS, then a number (20) appeared before it and now 12 as here (12) AVEO POWERBURST NAV/STROBE LIGHTS.

Can anyone tell me what these numbers mean as I am unable to find any explantion on the mod paperwork or web.

Thank you.

Rob Swain
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Re: Mod Approval

Post by Rob Swain » Wed Jul 27, 2022 1:22 pm

Looks like everybody else is as mystified by the Mod system as you are, including inspectors!

I am (or more likely was) pursuing what should be a really straightforward mod with standard kit but confronted with massively repetitive paperwork (everything on MOD2 has to be re-entered on MOD3!) and questions that I have no idea how to answer - or even where to begin to look for an answer - I think I am just going to forget about the whole thing.

I have submitted a 'new' radio mod as well recently.
All that has changed is the GPS source for the Trig transponder has changed from a GPS296 to a Trig TN72.
Why it requires ALL the existing, unchanged and approved avionics to be listed and tested all over again is beyond me!
Why it has been ignored for 2 months eludes me too. I know it was received - it was sent with my permit renewal/revalidation and that was turned around in 2 days!
Rob Swain
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Re: Mod Approval

Post by alioth » Fri Oct 21, 2022 4:24 pm

While I do love the LAA, the required mod procedure and forms for simple changes to radios seems over the top and unnecessarily burdensome - when you can fit the same radios to a certified aircraft under CS-STAN. I wish the LAA would adopt a principle that its procedures/regs should never be more onerous than CAA/EASA ones.
Dylan Smith

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