FUNKE Transponder Upgrade

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FUNKE Transponder Upgrade

Post by Clive » Sat May 08, 2021 11:45 am

After several years of waiting FUNKE are ready to make upgrades to their Transponders. I believe this will meet the required SIL level to be more recognised by other aircraft EC systems.

EDITED: I've just been reading on the PAW forum about the ETSO approval being an issue with the LAA and I believe discussion has been had between the parties, not sure the state of the ETSO approval but I will send an E mail to the contacts I was dealing with and see what they say. It maybe to early to get an upgrade if you expect it to make your unit fully compliant (approved) even if it functions OK.
Then I read there is more info on the Flyer Forum so will be worth reading that there if you've not already.

See: ... -upgrades/
From the above page:
Important note for ADS-B upgrades: A new firmware / software is available which now makes the ADS-B transmissions of the transponder conform to the RTCA DO-260B standard. Approval of this function according to ETSO-C166b is NOT yet available.
This upgrade is free of charge for devices from S / N 30860816 (delivered from March 2016). For devices from S / N 30580611 to S / N 30860816 (delivered between November 2011 and March 2016), the repair fee applies from MOD11. Devices shipped before November 2011 cannot be upgraded. In this case, we would be happy to offer you a special discount on a new device with simultaneous disposal of the old device.

Fees are €299 or €399 depending on how old your unit is. If it was delivered after March 2016 it maybe free.
I sent mine back recently but due to some confusion it turned out that it wasn't in the serial number band for upgrade (too old), they did however give me a good discount on a new fully compliant one. I had some protracted dealing with them over the years as I was waiting for them to give me the OK for the upgrade and they were very helpful and communications swift. The shipping in and out of the EU was less smooth.
BEFORE SENDING YOUR TXP OFF make sure you check in with them as they will give you info to put on the parcel to smooth it's way through German Customs.
Hope this helps a few of you with the units in the correct serial number band to make yourselves more visible, Regards, Clive
Clive James

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