Rally thoughts

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Rally thoughts

Post by ChampChump » Sun Sep 05, 2021 9:56 am

What a superb Rally it was, overall. Having left on Saturday afternoon, I can't really claim a complete attendance, but Thursday to Saturday seemed successful.

My randomly selected number theory: 75% followed the procedures, 20% made a decent stab at it and 5% were complete numpties. Other theories may be more accurate.

Two 'learning'points: Firstly, the hog roast. Queue for it (Friday) joined 19:05; 19:30 obtained food. No cole slaw left and the very last bits of salad (=a tomato, a tiny amount of lettuce and some cucumber). The vegan burger was just warmer than cold. Whether there was a limit on tickets sold or not, those who followed must have had even less to eat. Perhaps the concessions vans should be persuaded to attend/stay open in the evening; they seem to cope rather better.

I understand from one or two involved, much of the organisation had to be done at short notice and I feel the last thing they need is criticism, so hesitated even to mention it, but whether it was lack of comms or something else, it didn't quite work, even for a fairly docile clientele.

Also, one of the loo blocks (female half) didn't seem to have been set up properly. Fortunately, the other was.

Everything else was excellent. It was good to see all the marshalling team again - thank you all - and to the diverse ground crews. Whatever made the 'tower' laugh during the departure stream comms, the smile was audible.

Many thanks to all LAA people - and everyone who said hello. A Rally to remember :)
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Nic Orchard

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Alan Kilbride
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Re: Rally thoughts

Post by Alan Kilbride » Sun Sep 05, 2021 7:26 pm

My thoughts exactly Nic.
Blooming Eryl Smith leading me to the devil's brew Sat evening was a highlight.
Just seeing lots of happy people was enough for me.

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Re: Rally thoughts

Post by JimCrawford » Mon Sep 06, 2021 11:27 am

As above, a superb rally. Many thanks to all involved with the organisation.
Arrived early Friday afternoon, departed Sunday afternoon, campsite usual smooth operation - thank you Andover strut. I don't think I've seen so many pitches before.
I spent hours talking with friends old and new, spent some treasure at the flea market and wandered airside for most of Saturday. The peak of aircraft parking must have equalled any other rally I've attended since 1970 and, due no doubt to travel uncertainties, prob 95% G registered. I didn't realise we had so many!
The health of the modern LAA was demonstrated by the lines of RVs and Europas, in particular the gorgeous big wing of Alan Twigg, and also the veterans and 'old timers' were well supported. I don't believe I've seen four Taylor Monoplanes together before.

I did get caught out when I went to look at an aircraft I particularly wanted to see without realising that I was going to be the wrong side of that tape around the pan area. I was approached by a young lady security guard who tore me off a strip with a ferocity that would make a rotweiller look like a lapdog. I was sent scurrying back to the safety of the aircraft park much to the amusement of a couple of chaps who had watched this entertainment repeated several times and were betting on how far the miscreants got before interception.

Now looking forward to Rally 2022, and I promise to read the map more carefully next time.

Jim Crawford

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Re: Rally thoughts

Post by Clive » Wed Sep 08, 2021 1:14 pm

Great event, thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks to all involved at the LAA and Sywell and those that help set it up and tear it all down.

Enjoyed watching and listening to the radio and the arrival stream.
The orbit I saw on Final was the only bad thing I think I saw (you know who you are, very dangerous, although there was no one near you you didn't know that), there was the usual radio calls from passing aircraft that didn't know the rally was on of course.

Great to see the two 'new' aircraft, one complete and the other almost. The best thing at the show for me was the Avro rebuild, awesome work. That and the Argus, lovely aircraft.

What's happening next year? Sywell weren't committal on next year, any news?

Thanks and Regards, Clive (first in again!).
Clive James

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