Taylor Monoplane

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Dave Pitman
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Taylor Monoplane

Post by Dave Pitman » Tue Nov 03, 2015 10:04 pm


I have been thinking of buying a Taylor Monoplane however having read some of the posts on other forums I am a little put off by the talk of the TM being a death trap. So my post is to enquire what the consensus IS and knowing that this is partly going to be related to experience I have to declare that my flying experience is roughly:

230 hours in Cessna's, Warriors and Tomahawks
70 hours in a D117A Jodel
10 hours in a C42

Sub question - how does one learn to fly a single seater aircraft when obviously the first time you fly it will be solo.



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Re: Taylor Monoplane

Post by ColinC » Wed Nov 04, 2015 2:45 pm

Dave Pitman wrote: I am a little put off by the talk of the TM being a death trap.
You don't believe everything that you read on those other forums do you? Well, obviously not as you are asking here. There is sometimes confusion too between the Taylor Monoplane and the Taylor Titch.

I understand ('cos I'm sure he told me only yesterday) that Stuart McConnacher built a Taylor Mono so he would be a good chap to ask. He may respond, but you can search him out and contact him via the forum pm system.


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David Hunter
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Re: Taylor Monoplane

Post by David Hunter » Wed Nov 04, 2015 8:16 pm

I've been flying mine (G-BEVS) for 37 years and about 1400 hours. It has never bitten me (yet).
It has also probably been the most reliable plane I have ever dealt with requiring minimal attention. Not to add minimal cost too.
Every flight is a joy.
If you can handle a 117 you will, I feel sure, be able to fly one with a briefing from a person who has experience.
If I can assist I'm on a strip near Kemble.

Ian Hoolahan
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Re: Taylor Monoplane

Post by Ian Hoolahan » Wed Nov 04, 2015 10:55 pm

Sub question - how does one learn to fly a single seater aircraft when obviously the first time you fly it will be solo.
Start by having as much experience as you can in relevant types (Tailwheel in this instance) and try and fly a few different types that are relevant, this gets you used to different handling aircraft, then read any pilots notes, articles etc that you can find for the type and get a briefing off someone who knows the aircraft (preferably the actual one), bear in mind that if it is someone who has been flying the aircraft for a while they may have got used to any idiosyncrasies and miss them in the briefing. When you fly it start by climbing to height and explore the general handling, especially low speed and stall.

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Chris Martyr
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Re: Taylor Monoplane

Post by Chris Martyr » Fri Nov 06, 2015 12:36 pm

ColinC is absolutely correct in his assertion about listening to dross spouted forth by addicted forumites ! Stick to flying it's considerably less dangerous.
As said, your Jodel experience will probably come in handy if you decide to opt for a Taylor Mono. and if it is a good one then don't hesitate.
Go to Deanland Airfield website and scroll down to Image Gallery where it says Fly-In 2015 and you'll see two different Taylor Mono's, One flown in beautifully by a young chap who looked like Prince Harry [ don't think it was him though] and the green one with the D-Day stripes is Chris Lodge, who has probably been flying his as long as David has been flying G-BEVS .

Death Traps ? ?,,Only on forums mate. :lol:

phil brookman
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Re: Taylor Monoplane

Post by phil brookman » Sat Dec 12, 2015 6:12 pm

so much clap trap abounds ,,,speak to owners ,i have the same issue flying kr2 ,,,a lot like the taylor but faster,,,i have over 400 hrs on various krs ,,,lovely precise ,,,i have found 3 or more hours converting a good idea ,,,at least 1 hour on the ground handling as well ...

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