Open cockpit flying during winter

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Re: Open cockpit flying during winter

Post by mikeblyth » Sat Feb 15, 2020 1:49 pm

Hi Michael nice to see you're about. I found that for an extended flight of say more than
40 minuets in the cold was not good. I ended up frozen and unable to function properly.
Flew a D9 open cockpit last year and had everything on. Only just fitted
Speed was not brilliant so took a while to get anywhere. of course if your
young u don't feel the cold. :)
Mike Blyth

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Re: Open cockpit flying during winter

Post by JMH » Wed Feb 19, 2020 11:28 pm

Mike Blyth, how are you? Not seen you puttering past my house in the Mono lately!
I have an old ski suit that I wear under the standard nomex flying suit (it looks a bit nylony and flammable to me!) which works well. 2 pairs of socks, scarf etc and the only bit that gets cold is above my goggles and below my helmet. This is in an Isaacs Fury which I think knocks spots off everything else for being breezy!
As an aside, those lovely winter days sometimes have a really good inversion. Just before New Year was just such a day; 2000' and it was like opening the oven door! I'm told variously it was between 12-14 degrees and I almost got too hot! Did some aeros and could tell when I lost height as it suddenly went cold again. Do not dismiss such days as too cold!
Can't do anything about muddy fields tho'......
Roll on Spring

Jonathon Marten-Hale

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Re: Open cockpit flying during winter

Post by BrianHunt » Tue Mar 10, 2020 1:51 pm

Flying a Jodel D9 at 3000' when then ground temperature was 0C was an exercise in getting very cold. I got an ex USAF sheepskin flying jacket after that and wore layers underneath topped by one of these flying suits 'Genuine AFV Crewman Flying Suit British Forces RAF Issue Surplus Coveralls - New'. Now on ebay for £22. That stopped any draughts and has a lot of useful pockets. My hands didn't get cold but I did try gloves, ordinary leather ones were too clumsy.

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