Airfield 'Movement Book', Online Software

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Airfield 'Movement Book', Online Software

Post by Timbo » Fri Oct 23, 2020 10:26 am

In these days of 'Online Everything', does anyone use a shared or web based movement logging system for their airfield?

I run a small airfield on the East Coast and having an actual 'movements book' with paper pages an all, seems very old hat. Keeping it in a damp leaky caravan is also not ideal, as is sitting in the caravan filling in the movements book!

Therefore, has anyone tripped across any online resource where we can all keep our movements up to date from the comfort of our own homes whilst updating our personal log book? If not I'll generate something myself, but I hate re-inventing the wheel if at all possible?!

Not sure i'll hold my breath tho!!

All the best, Tim
(Incidentally, although covered space is full I have a couple of outside Tie down spaces for suitable aircraft still available!)
Tim Goodwin

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