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Post by Steve Slater » Mon Nov 14, 2022 1:26 pm

As many members who attended the 2022 LAA AGM at Turweston on Sunday 23rd October will know, we experienced difficulties for those joining by Zoom in conducting the electronic voting on the motions and election of Directors. As a result, it was not possible to complete the voting. Once again, our sincere apologies for this and thank you again for your patience.

A suggestion we regroup and restart with an EGM was rejected, as this would have been unfair to those who had turned out to Turweston. Company Secretary, David Mole, was able to advise that the votes taken in the room, together with the votes recorded by proxy voting remained valid.

The meeting was therefore adjourned, to enable further electronic voting to be offered to those who attended via Zoom and were unable to cast votes. It also allowed anyone else who was not present in person or submitted a proxy to vote as well.

The electronic voting was carried out between 2nd and 7th November and over 100 members took part. After verification to ensure no duplicate or ineligible voting, these votes were counted alongside the votes cast in the room and by proxy. A second AGM closing meeting was held online on Sunday 13th November to announce the final count and formally close the AGM.

The votes cast were: ... 202022.pdf

All the motions were carried. Tim Hardy and David Mole are elected to the Board for a further three years. After closure of the AGM business the Chairman concluded the meeting with a briefing and answered questions on the recent account fraud, the findings of the Independent Review and the actions now put in place based on their recommendations.

A further report will be published in the December edition of Light Aviation magazine.
Stephen Slater

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