Wanted - Jodel Wheels. For 380 x 150 - 5 tyres

Anything in particular you are after? Anything you want to sell under £100?

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Pete Turton
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Wanted - Jodel Wheels. For 380 x 150 - 5 tyres

Post by Pete Turton » Sun Jan 28, 2024 11:41 am

I’m looking for a serviceable pair of Jodel Wheels that can be used with 380 x 150 -5 tyres. I think the bead diameter is 5 inches, as opposed to the larger wheels often fitted to D150/DR1050 types that use the 420 x 150 - 6.5 tyres. Must be able to use on 50mm axles. Prefer the drum brake version, I think later versions may have used disc brakes.

I’ve seen this size wheel on a Jodel D112, but I think they were standard fit on the DR200 series.

Any pointers to a set would be welcome.



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