(Illuminated) Rocker Switches

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(Illuminated) Rocker Switches

Post by PaulSS » Thu Jun 18, 2020 3:48 pm

Rocker Switch Package For Sale.

I was originally going to fit rocker switches to my aircraft when it was built. However, space constraints led me to having to use toggle switches but, by then, I’d already bought all the necessary parts (note to self…..don’t get ahead of yourself). As they are now excess to requirements I am selling the complete package.

The rocker switches can be backlit. I was going to do this, so 10 of the units have green LED backlights and 3 have red.

The switches are inserted into ‘blocks’ and these ‘blocks’ then slide together to form the line or stack of switches you want to install in a hole in your panel. I was going to separate certain services from other, for instance; fuel pumps would be separated slightly from lights. To enable this, the ‘blocks’ are either ‘end blocks’ (two of which can slide together to form a line of two), ‘single blocks’ (e.g. keep your Autopilot switch separate) or ‘middle blocks’ (to slide between the ‘end blocks’). There are 7 x End, 3 x Middle and 5 Singles.

Finally, the rocker covers clip on top of the switches. These are illuminated if you choose to do so. The covers I have are designed with a Rotax 912iS in mind, so they are labelled:

Black Lane A
Black Lane B
Black Fuel Pump A
Black Fuel Pump B
Black Landing (Lights)
Black Strobe (Lights)
Black Avionics Master
Black Autopilot (Master)
Red Backup Battery
Red Avionics Standby Battery
1 x Red Blank
2 x Black Blank

The kit includes and installation tool and all the terminals for the switch connections. Everything is brand new and never been used. The whole lot cost me US$534.20 (I have the receipt). I’m looking for reasonable offers and leave it to your judgement what is reasonable, based on what they cost. Please call me on 07934 380618.

If you Google AeroRockers you will find YouTube videos of how they look and operate.
Paul Simmonds-Short

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